Dear Dr. Adriani,

Our recent meetings at your facilities in Florence were very gratifying and informative.  We appreciate the willingness of yourself and MecOil as an organization, to discuss technical capabilities and interests in our world of oil analysis.

As we explained, particularly in the area of turbine oils, Analysts’ research & development efforts are now generating strong benefits for our customers and the industry.  Learning that MecOil shares our commitment to high quality testing and diagnosis of equipment condition should open doors for technical cooperation in this area.  Your staff is qualified and demonstrate the level of interest in the industry that will help grow the business.  We look forward to the exchange of sample data and discussions of interpretive approaches.

We will look forward to additional exchanges and meetings between our organizations.  We hope to see you and members of your staff at one of our facilities very soon.

My best Regards



Dear Dr. Adriani… by Michael Forgeron – Analysts, Inc