Mecoil is proud of being involved in environmental protection. As known our core business is aimed at the prevention of mechanical failure, but also (because the great investment in economic and environmental terms) to the preservation of the lubricant charges, beyond the common use. This way, unnecessary stoppages in the production process are avoided and the functional integrity of the lubricating oil is maintained to the best, with maintenance “best practices.” One of the latest initiatives in which the company has decided to invest is the recent campaign aimed at sensitize customers to reduce the amount of waste oil destined for testing and after disposal. There are also wider motions, such as supporting Centro Ricerca Cetacei di Portoferraio (LI) in safeguarding Mediterranean cetaceans with scientific research projects carried out with strictly non-invasive methods, mainly using eco-friendly sailboats. With great pleasure, Mecoil sponsored  Delfini e Balene in Italia, a manual for everyone also useful as a practical guide to keep on board for boaters. Do not forget that a few drops of oil spilled in water (seas or lakes does not matter) create a “coating” impermeable to Oxygen of many hundreds of square meters. And our “friends” cetaceans, as us humans, must surface periodically to be able to breathe!