Gianmarco e Matteo (in veste di rappresentanti Mecoil) hanno ritirato per conto del Dott. Giuseppe Adriani (fondatore di Mecoil D.M.) il premio “Partnership Award” consegnato direttamente da Brian Mitchell (CEO di Spectro Scientific).

Le ragioni di questo premio sono molteplici, non solo per ragioni economiche e di mercato, ma soprattutto dovuto alla grande e profonda collaborazione che si protrae da più di 20 anni.
As Brian ha affernato:
I have the privilege of presenting the final award of the evening. This award is a little different from those that have been presented previously  tonight in that it does not necessarily represent the highest financial performance turned in by a partner but instead recognizes the value and trust we place in our relationship with this partner.
 Among them, Dr. Adriani:
•    Is a recognized leader in the field of oil and lubrication analysis,
•    Is a passionate innovator continually searching for “what’s next or should be next in our industry” and always, always shares these ideas and inventions with Spectro,
•    Has opened his company in support of customers and customer training even for those outside his country,
•    Has created an active lab and showcase based on Spectro instruments, and few other personal and human issues that made the oil analysis world a little bit more international and definitely “Italian speacking

Alla cerimonia, tenutasi a Las Vegas in occasione del Sales meeting annuale di Spectro Instruments, hanno partecipato più di 140 partner provenienti da tutte le parti del mondo.

25 anni di leale collaborazione