The medicine of machines: safety in current operations, meaning a set of procedures and approaches to the world around us. In order to interact with everyday reality, we are forced to make choices that often derive from direct experiences (such as an older form of learning that follows the rule of punishment/reward, which may leave in some of us traces of physical or psychological wounds, difficult to heal…) or from the experiences of others, developed and transformed over time into “rules of virtuous behavior”, typically summarized in manuals or easy to understand signs.

It would be extremely unwise to experiment first hand with every new chemical, electrical product, etc. in order to see how harmful they can be. The rule is to respect more general laws, in which people feel included and by which they expect to be protected.

We can have a direct perception of a lot of equipment and production machinery, through our senses; we perceive (and recognize what is appropriate for each machine from previous experience) external manifestations, including macroscopic “behaviors” like sound, vibration, temperature. However, there is a wide gap between this and predicting with certainty for how long and how they will operate in the future.

The medicine of machines