Mecoil Diagnosi Meccaniche has for some time been a sponsor of minor championships, as well as (and especially) a wear and lubrication consultant for some of the major motorcycle and automotive world-class companies, without neglecting the smaller aficionados, achieving prestigious journalistic collaborations.

When we get the chance to participate in racetrack analysis sessions, we always suggest the possibility of on-site oil analysis through portable instruments (Viscosimeter, Fluidscan, Fuel Dilution Meter, Ferrocheck) and in the lab (Spectroil Q100) with the help of our practical sampler UCVD (Ultra Clean Vacuum Device).

Nowadays, oil analyses have effective predictive results on engines (in this particular context, fueled by gasoil) known for their high power and inevitable – contingent – problems of fuel dilution. Furthermore, the principle that with oil analysis you can save components with high intrinsic value combines well with the need to get to the end of the grand prix, avoiding unpleasant breakages, or at least trying to better interpret the weak signals that the engine sends us.

Nowadays it is possible to monitor oil conditions before – and during – every race throughout tournament weekend (Free Practice, Qualifications, Races). With the available equipment, you can check the condition of the lubricant before it is used and confront it with the specifications suggested by the manufacturer.

It is good to remember that the concept of oil analysis is only useful if you devote dedication and passion to it; only by having a structured method and by building a consistent database you can define an engine (in the performance test phase/winter duration, for example) that can provide the “right structure” (Trend analysis) on which basis you can identify its behavior under stress in real conditions (Point analysis).

Based on the experience accumulated in more than 25 years, we can safely say that we can guarantee a complete engineering consultancy service that starts from the racing department (analysis and contextualization of the oil-engine results), from the tests during the year to the tight pace of a weekend on the racetrack.




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