Mecoil Diagnosi Meccaniche Srl, in collaboration with ICML, and as a licensed partner Noria Corp., organizes courses for first level MLT “Machine Lubrication Technician“, in order to provide useful information for maintenance technicians to better manage hydraulic systems and complex lubrication systems, avoiding dangerous contamination, topping up with incompatible fluids. The main purpose of these procedures is to optimize the useful life of plants and oils.

Skilled technicians will also provide knowledge on safety (toxicity of products, handling and storage) and diagnosis and control of “weak signals” associated with lubrication problems.

MLT1 Courses are held at our headquarters in Florence (via delle Panche 140, 50141 Firenze -Italy) and last for two days.

On the third day, you are given the optional opportunity to complete the qualifying exam for MLT 1 “Machine Lubrication Technician” Level 1, issued directly by ICML and internationally recognized.

At the end of each course Mecoil will give a certificate to each participant.


The courses will provide specific skills relating to:

  • Maintenance strategies

  • Preventive and predictive maintenance techniques

  • Theory of Lubrication

  • Types of lubricants

  • Selection of a lubricant

  • Control of chemical and physical conditions of a lubricant

  • Optimizing the management of oil charged

  • Correct handling and storage

  • Safe handling of lubricants

Topics and teaching materials by Noria according to the “Fundamentals of Machinery”

International Certification following ICML procedures

The course includes

  • Two days training*
  • Theaching materials
  • Brekfasts and launches
  • Certificate of partecipation

*Third day extra charge for examination

About ICML renewal certification

Information on renewal certification are available at the following link ICML – Download the application form for renewal.

CICPND certification

As a test center CICPND (Italian Centre for Certification of Non-Destructive Testing and Industrial Processes) Mecoil offers the possibility, since obtaining the diploma MLT1, to obtain recognition as an expert Lubricator technician “EL Level 2”, after submission of application. 


Courses accepting submissions

Data / Ora Evento
19/10/2022 - 21/10/2022
Tutto il giorno
(Italiano) Iscrizione terza sessione 2022 Corso Primo Livello MLT-1 (Italiano) Iscrizione terza sessione 2022 Corso Primo Livello MLT-1
Mecoil Diagnosi Meccaniche s.r.l., Firenze Italia