Mecoil courses are available to companies that request them.

Mecoil offers private, on-site, customized courses to companies to help improve maintenance practices or for teams desiring to achieve lubrication technician certification. The courses are designed for maintenance managers, supervisors, and technicians dedicated to facility maintenance management and lubricant storage. Private classes are limited to a maximum of 20 participants. At the end of the training day, Mecoil will give a certificate to all participants.

The courses will provide knowledge on the following topics:

  • Maintenance Theory
  • Lubrication principles and fundamental characteristics for formulating the basic (mineral and synthetic) additives. Specific functions of a lubricant, lubricating oils, and hydraulic fluids
  • Lubricating oil as a carrier of information for diagnostic and prognostic purposes
  • Types of interventions and predictive analysis, searching for “weak signals” (control of chemical/physical exercise in the oils)
  •  Identification of the main types and morphologies of the particles, real cases
  •  Alterations of lubricants and possible corrective actions (control of water contamination, fuels, dust …)
  •  Storage and handling of lubricants. Products H-1 “food safe” management and conservation. MSDS products and their consultation
  •  How to evaluate a fluid’s efficiency (residual) or its “lubricity”
  •  The taking of a representative sample: procedures and recommendations
  •  International and national reference
  •  Prognostic practical applications, examples, and “case histories”

Who is it for

The courses are designed for IT managers and maintenance technicians dedicated to facilities management (control of oil levels, greasing) and storage of lubricants.

These courses are designed to train customers the basics of machinery lubrication and all related topics.

Tailor-made courses

Each training session is held by at least two qualified professionals ICML. Our technicians are available to organize courses designed to meet your business needs.

Mecoil will provide each participant training materials necessary. At the end of the course, all participants are awarded a certificate.

Some of the customers who have requested the Mecoil training course at their corporate headquarters:

LamborghiniSolvay Chimica ItaliaGalbaniAncona AmbienteRossi MotoriduttoriCtt NordAmt GenovaHeinekenEnelMichelinPlastipakEqualitBanca d’ItaliaAlpiqSolar Turbines


Contact us to request info about prices and enrollment (please specify the number of participants)