In the beginning of the program (with former Solvay-PE plant) the oil samples were collected
and delivered to the laboratory (located in Firenze) and the analytical results (feed-back) was
initially sent trough regular mail (hard copies) with a certain delay on follow-up.
After the introduction of e-mail, the certificates, on a custom made excel file were addressed
to the supervisor, to be transferred in the internal data base for trending capabilities.
With this step, a lot of time was saved and the speeding up of process was considered very
cost effective, in the optic of reducing potential damages.
The third stage (year 2002) was the introduction of a web based platform capable to manage
the samples’ flow and the results, as well as corrective actions to be taken. became a web shared data management system, holding technical
information from the field, feedbacks & lab’s results.
Different levels of reliability team technicians were able to update or simply control the infos.


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