Maintenance procedures are based on shared responsibilities involving the transfer of know-how to companies, in addition to learning from external sources with strong specialization.

Yesterday (April 12, 2012) in Solvay of Rosignano, Mecoil has spoken of lubrication and predictive maintenance at a seminar held at Maintenance Engineering.

We have addressed many topics that allow us to hypothesize that the continuous improvement of current procedures, greasing, relubrication, storage of products, oil sampling.

After the class, we carried out a hands-on verification of correct oil sampling procedures in the plant. This is a particularly critical phase of the global Tribological Analysis technique, that can provide useful and timely results only if all the correct procedures are followed.

The Solvay group of technicians attending to the class.

Good Maintenance practices of Solvay Chimica Italia, Rosignano plant.