Great success, at Villa Montalto for “Charge the Knowledge”.
Finally sunshining, after so much rain, was the terminus and allowed us to appreciate the surrounding park.
Over one hundred participants to an informal “conference” that we carefully organized, and proved very popular for the themes addressed and the level of the sponsors to outline the main event. A welcome video-conference by Jim Fitch CEO of Noria represented the original introduction of such busy meeting.

Few early birds (for fear of not arriving on time) wandered through the halls of the Villa to appreciate the architectural details, sice 8 a.m.
Then a coffee mug to switch on and the speakers took turns to transmit technical information “tasselled” for the particular occasion. The thick audience of engineers (but not only) wanted information and expertise on the subject of lubrication, while many of the attendants belonged to the ranks of specialists in the field of Machine Lubrication graduated at Mecoil, in past years.
An opportunity for discussion and exchange of views on the issues of the day, especially during the buffet on the terrace overlooking Florence.
Then again, all talk of the highlights, in particular the potential of the innovation icluded inside Monitoil system.
One way to transform the traditional off-site oil analysis in an online diagnostic system to be installed directly aboard on the machine.
Good level of all interventions.
Some images to show the beautiful scenario of a technical day among other folks in this strategic task…
Many of the partecipants were still hanging around well beyond the official completion of the work, with questions about the topics, to witness the real interest in the subject. Then well “refilled” in the body and the skills ness back home. To all those present, but also to the ones who for various reasons were unable to meet together, we say “see you soon” at Mecoil for new challenges.

Great participation in the “Charge the Knowledge”