Very interesting visit to one of the largest facilities in N. America with capacity in excess of 17.000 samples per month, with a turnover of max 48 hours.

Located in a very strategic location, the building is looking great with a very fancy appeal, and a lot of care in the design.

Allmost 21 emploies to fulfill all the requirements by a very demanding market. Big volumes in due time, in a very harmonized environment, without forgetting the in depth research for any minimal hint of a potential failure.

SGS and Mecoil (Mr. Rachid Boubetra from Vernolab/SGS in France and Mr. Adriani) have been really impressed by such organisation. With our good friends Forgeron (at the end, this is a 3rd generation family business) the cohoperation is always growing, with a lot of exciting perspectives.

In Service OIL Analysis at his best