Our Manager, Dr Adriani,  just got back from a demanding tour across US, through various meetings and gatherings. The classic coast to coast in few days!

The first visit to the new site Spectro Inc., with which we maintain a constructive relationship from more than two decades as agency for Italy, but not only.

The spaces in Chelmsford, northside of Boston, are very well structured and the staff (over 60 units) has at its disposal a large space to operate in the best way.

Many innovations has been made in the field of analytical instrumentation, with specific uses in different situations, from classical laboratory equipment, in accordance with Astm, to the more simple portable viscometer (Q3000) that can discriminate the compliance of a particular lubricant to specific Iso / VG right in the field.

The platform management software Spectro Track, of our own design, continues to be a great interest by the U.S. market. With the sales staff, including Yuegang and Sandra, the appointment is shortly after in Columbus at the Reliable Plant conference in Noria.

From Boston the next commitment is scheduled with the visit to Analysts, Inc. in Los Angeles, located right in the new hi-tech area appointed to aerospace industry. A few miles from the airport was born a very dynamic industrial center, where the laboratories of the Forgeron family has found a natural place. A staff very dynamic has transformed the business of oil analysis “inservice” into a profitable and steadily growing business.

A great surprise, the visit from Boubetra Rachid, manager of the activities of SGS in the field of  oils’ analysis and conditions monitoring, conducted through a network of over thirty laboratories scattered in various countries. We had a great exchange of views about the possible synergies and collaborations.

The next step, Columbus Ohio, in the middle of the classic Midwest USA where are located the most of North American industries. Initially, we have been engaged with the annual meeting of the Noria “licensed partners distributors” a busy moment for exchanging opinions about training & education, among the more than thirty guests of multiple international realities.

These were two intense days in which we could  find points of contact and strategies to improve the business related to scientific dissemination of best practices of lubrication and technical consultancy in the field.

Many interventions with multiple arguments on the agenda, collected in a dense document, to take home! After that, three days at the Columbus Conference hall, to follow the proceedings of the meeting Noria “Reliable Plant”. A large audience of technicians and maintenance personnel awaits all sessions of several workshops on the theme related with “the battle for the improvement.” A very large audience of participants moved constantly among the many booths of the international exhibitors, also to try to win the challenging prize; a luxurious Harley Davidson.

A demanding tour across US