After a couple of days in Firenze with Mecoil partners, we drove to Torino together to attend the international conference dedicated to Tribology and sciences related.

This was not the very first time for Yuegang to stroll in Italy, but definitely the very first one in Firenze. A great chance to visit Mecoil laboratory (an actual showcase of most of www.Spectro products and instruments at work) and discussing of several topics related with remote assisted diagnostics and new onsite technologies; including “Fluid Analysis System” Q5800.

From onsite to online, a very short distance apparently, with a great gap of knowledge to be filled, whenever we should decide that critical assets require a constant lubricants’ supervision.

Again this was a formal visit from Dr. Yuegang Zhao the VP Global Sales Manager of Spectro Inc. to Mecoil Diagnosi Meccaniche, one of their “oldest” partners and distributor for Italian market; but during the relaxing weekend we took the chance to enjoy Tuscan landscape and traditional recipes, to enforce human relationships, that are the real tie to a serious and productive business.

Welcome to World Tribology Conference, Dr. Zhao.