How many times in her dynamic life Frances Honeycutt has listened to such predictable  issues? By now she is the Business Developer of one of the largest Oil Analysis laboratories’ network (Polaris Laboratories LLC), with a coverage of the most of world’s industrial areas.

She started a while ago a brilliant career with Noria Corp. in the same Oklahoma country where Oil & Gas industries have always been at home.

In her recent tour across Europe to visit many international partners, she stopped at World Tribology Conference and together with Mecoil old friends she moved South to Firenze.

In Firenze we had the chance to meet together with her in our gorgeous facility at Villa Montalto, sharing opinions about this “small world” regarding lubricants’ conditions monitoring. Frances showed an incredible know-how and a great skill-ness in analysis business and strategies related.

Together we discussed about feasibility of remotely assisted diagnostics and online approach to create the “next step forward” in Proactive Maintenance.

High tech, and business, but not only that; after such tasks, we agreed to move in the downtown to “touch” the real atmosphere of one of the most attractive locations in the world.

Hope to see you soon back in town dear Frances…

Oil analysis… definitely not a Lady’s business!