June 28th 2014 – Mecoil’s team has just come back after its second meeting in Romania with EMSIL, international partner of MIDA Manunet project.
This visit officially kicked off the fourth phase of the project. During this phase MIDA prototype will collect and remotely control  necessary data to create a real database indispensable for the A.I. implementation.
At this aim EMSIL engineers  have realised a real oil hydraulics machine, complete of  a piston user with solenoid automatic activation and hydraulic motor furnished of a gear reducer and bearing.
The hydraulic circuit uses an ISO VG 32 hydraulic oil and it’s able to detect in real time:

– Kinematic viscosity;

– Density;

– Dielectric;

– ISO contamination codes (for the cleaning fluid level evaluation);

– Saturation percentage (for the water content determination);

– Oil degradation percentage, for the lubricant conditions’ assessment;

These parameters are available online at Mida dashboard.

The hydraulic system will run (continuously) until the end of September. Firstly a training phase is foreseen, dedicated to the fully warmed-up prototype’s conditions analysis, in order to create a data history necessary to identify MIDA prototype’s optimal functioning condition.
Secondly, several controlled contamination will be carried out (about water, particulates and different oils),  to be automatically identified by KKT’s system, currently under development.
A special thanks (mulţumesc in Romanian) to all Emsil staff, that with patience and cooperation allowed the installation of the system (by promptly solving small electronic and hydraulic problems) and boosting MIDA project in its path towards the achievement of common goals.

“The online conditions’ monitoring Technology has been always related to Vibrations and accellerometers systems, to collect data of rotating equipments. Until very recently when very few industries dedicated important efforts to develop fluids’ assessement devices to monitor actual conditions of lubricating oils directly “inside” the assets. Mecoil has been one of the very first to start such revolutionary concept: lubricants monitored in real time at customers’ site, to avoid unnecessary interventions. We have been recently engaged with active partnership of Emsil (Oradea-Romania) to develop an “expert system” with new brand MIDA, that stands for Machine Intell… A dedicated hidraulic skid (pictures) has been duly refitted to accomodate all the sensors and data legger (derived by previous Monitoil) to monitor the running fluid. Infos are shared trough Mecoil web based platform and data are managed by a joint team of international experts to deduct possible anomalies of lubricant and control early stages of impending failures. This kind of exciting challenge might lead to a a totally new concept of traditional conditions’ monitoring strategies. We really appreciated the efforts of our Emsil partners on helping us to develop MIDA project.”


EMSIL multumesc