17th october 2014- The third MLT 1 Course (in partnership with Lubecouncil.org and Noria Corp.) has just concluded in the new Mecoil facility, after Laboratory moving from  the historic site of Villa Montalto.

It was a really dynamic group of students coming from different worlds and realities related to industrial maintenance, but not only. This heterogeneity in the audience has been invaluable making this training session much more attractive, and students curiosity was expressed by many questions and discussions.

The two days training was focused on  topics ranging from the “politics” of the maintenance to the technical specifications of industrial lubrication in all its aspects. The numerous slides presented are the result of over twenty years of Mecoil experience in this strategic field and the active partnership with the international group Noria.

We are confident that this training approach and the application of the Best Practices of lubrication” may be taking root even in Italy, considering the criticality of this sector for the purposes of security management and energy conservation.

MLT 1 trining course arrives in the new Mecoil headquarters