Vipetrol, along with Mecoil (his partner in technical assistance to the fleet of engines for cogeneration) attended “Key Energy” fair the past week in Rimini, an event part of the larger project of “Ecomondo”  for renewable energy.

A great event, caracterized  (although the weather was not the best) by huge audience and private interlocutors. Our presence at the booth set up along with Vipetrol and Castrol, was intended to assist the customers  better understand the benefits of a “predictive” action  against charges of lubricating oil, used for cogeneration.

The oil analysis in optical “conditions ‘monitoring’ in stationary engines have a great enhancement feature traditional maintenance procedures.  This approach allows to anticipate safely the most appropriate choices in terms of management; thus avoiding the use of panic situations, consequent to neglect the so-called weak signals.

We trust that the contribution of Mecoil could further improve current procedures in this field, with a  “friendly” perpective to the environment in general and industry in particular.

The last initiatives from the Rimini’s Eco-World