During the last round of the WSBK in Imola (29/4 – 1/5/2016), Mecoil was a guest and active protagonist at the box with IODARACING TEAM. We wish to thank Cesare Villa (Automotive Sales & Marketing Manager – Fuchs Lubricants) for his kind invitation to this challenge, Giampiero Sacchi (IODARACING TEAM MANAGER) and Mario Manganelli (Main Engine Engineer in Aprilia Racing).

Mecoil is not new to such racing context, already present as a sponsor in the minor leagues SEAT CUP; during this event we focused our efforts on the reality of the oil analysis in a full racing weekend with support of our Practical UCVD (Ultra Clean Vacuum Device) sampling kits.

It was a simple “hint” of validity of oil analysis during (and after) the race weekend where lubricants’s conditions monitoring may have implications in terms of good “predictors” of engines’ reliability. These items are distinguished by very high power outputs, and consequently severe problems of fuel dilution and high level of wear metals in engines.

We are able to track before (and after) any commitment of the race weekend (Free Practice, Qualifying, Races) the actual oil conditions. In the future, eventually allowing to avoid unpleasant failures, and in any event always keeping monitored the conditions of the oil (and hence of the engine) during all events unfold.

In these regards we would like to say thanks to all IODARACING TEAM for kind attention, support and collaboration!

Mecoil right at the race track, during the WSBK race weekend in Imola