It’s been a pleasure as usual to get the chance to meet together with Yuegang Zhao (SVP for Spectroscientific) to discuss technologies’ enhancements and business related activities in lubricants’ conditions’ monitoring. Spectro is nowdays the most important inservice Oil analysis products’ manufacturer and is worldwide recognized the leadership of their strategies dedicated to Predictive maintenance players. Since the end of 2016 the most efforts have been dedicated to improve relationship with end users in the field, following Zhao’s strategy to fill the gap existing “beyond the laboratory” environement. This has been also a very educational chance to appreciate the skill ness of Yuegang in managing practical topics like the brand new Ferrochek device and future improvements. Too short the visit!
Safe trip back home, dear Yuegang, Mecoil team is always ready for new challenges!

Nice to meet you Dr. Zhao