Mecoil Diagnosi Meccaniche has for some time been following with great attention the developments of processes related to the digital industry, in all its aspects. The still under
development all-digital dialogue “MtM” or Machine to Machine is currently designed as “MtL”, Machine to Laboratory, through a digital interface called “Permantenere”. However, the process required an adjustment of the steps, especially in the phase of reception and handling of the incoming sample. At Mecoil, we are well aware of the difference between “virtual” and immaterial, and we decided to invest resources implementing the “Paper-Free Lab” project aimed at developing a new branch of the company’s management software, to better manage the flow of data accompanying the samples to be analyzed. The analyses of oil in operation (procedurally similar to blood tests for humans) and the diagnostic value resulting from these tests are our real “core business”, from which depend vital strategic choices for the many companies that rely on our tests. We cannot therefore exempt ourselves from making this path as streamlined and at the same time as safe (data traceability) as possible. The integration of a barcode into the production process made it possible to automate the association of documentation with the sample, eliminating the manual reconciliation of paper documents. Moreover, by implementing the “Permantenere” software, it is possible to remotely consult the information via any device: PC, tablet or smartphone. This led to the “Paper-Free Lab” project through the activation of a specialist consultancy by the Dr. Wolf srl company for product innovation services. The project was co-financed by POR CREO 2014 – 2020 under the Micro-innovation Call.  


Industry 4.0 and dematerialisation of documents