Visiting Houston in November, it’s been the chance to meet together with Noria‘s top management, in a very dinamic two days conference dedicated to up to date strategies in lubrication and maintenance. Several top players belonging to many well renown industrial sites, got the unique possibility to share new strategies to achieve state of the art procedures to improve current rules in lubricants’ and filtration guidelines. I really appreciated Jim Fitch’s opening Keynote which mentioned (starting from ancient issues on wear control) the new scenarios about evolution of monitoring strategies for lubricants’ and assets’ health.
Industry 4.0 is not only a fancy logo on business magazine, it’s a matter of at least 10 “steps forward” to achieve the Optimum Reference State. Among them the most significant are: Unified Conditions Monitoring, IoT, User empowered Oil Analysis together with many other tools of “shared knowledge” in a cloud base.
This is a long lasting process, and as Jim mentioned during his speech is not forecastable in tomorrow’s strategies, definitely, not right over next corner, but this is the future of any competitive industrial context.
The vision of the future, together with many contemporary actors of Maintenance present was the clue of Noria’s event.
Many thanks to all of you for letting us partecipating to such exciting meeting.

Noria at Houston Machinery Lubrication Conference & Exhibition