Mecoil is proud to be among the contributors to ICML 55.1‘s publication! This standard identifies and defines the need for the use of well-established best practices that are applicable to a wide range of lubricated mechanical assets. ICML 55.1 is intended for use in support of physical asset management in accordance with the international standard ISO 55001, to assure strategic and operational alignment. In particular, this standard applies to rotating and reciprocating machines, powertrains and hydraulic system as well as their lubricated subcomponents. The adoption of ICML 55.1 requirements, as augmented by ICML 55.2 guidelines, will enable the organization to achieve its objectives of effectively and efficiently managing its physical lubrication and lubricant asset policies, strategies and plans. The application of a lubrication management system for the organization’s mechanical assets assures that these objectives can be achieved consistently and sustainably within the physical asset management plan over time.  

ICML 55.1 Standard: Requirements for the Optimized Lubrication of Mechanical Physical Assets