You’re not born to be an expert in refrigeration, you become it by acquiring specific skills.

The tight collaboration between EptaService, part of EptaGroup, and Mecoil Diagnosi Meccaniche strengthens predictive maintenance in the refrigeration sector.

On October 5th, 2023, almost the entire technical and commercial staff of EptaService met with us at the headquarter of Mecoil in Florence for an update on Predictive techniques related to the analysis of lubricants. Such event was strongly desired by our sales manager, Eng. Mariani, in agreement with Epta top Management. We have been working as technical partners with EptaService’s various territorial managers (so-called “SAMs”) for many years, managing the fluid check-ups for the refrigeration machines installed in many large distribution food companies. The process of collecting representative samples (following our strict rules to avoid unwanted contamination) to be sent to Mecoil Lab and the management of the follow-up analytics reports require a significant commitment by the technicians involved. However, the resulting improvement in procedures (so called corrective actions) can have an impact on the customer’s experience.

A cost-effective management must take into account numerous functional details, once overlooked and should consider all key elements of the refrigeration chain, starting with compressor unit. Proactive Approach (in concert with the “sensitive” customer) and Predictive Approach (using conditions’ monitoring techniques) might generate the real “added value” (customer satisfaction with proven efficiency) which is not always evident to the untrained eye.

After welcome introduction by G. Adriani, CeO of Mecoil, Michele Turturro, Service Maintenance Manager of Epta draw the attention to the necessary strategies that should become part of daily duties for everybody in the staff in order to avoid time consuming labor, related with failures and costly, unnecessary lubricants substitution .

Informal lunch break outdoor, taking advantage of the nice weather, and back to work, with a speech by Dr. Mattavelli of Generalgas explaining in detail the dynamics of the fluids (oil/gas) inside the refrigeration systems. Finally, the clue of the agenda, represented by an in-depth analysis of the entire process of Epta samples by Dr. Paccagnini (Mecoil’s Head Lab Technician), together with E. Croci and A. Benedetti, carefully highlighted critical points and possible improvements of collaboration. After the presentation, the participants (divided into two groups) visited the Laboratory, becoming familiar with some of the technologies developed on purpose for such diagnostic investigation.

At the end of the meeting, right on schedule, Eng. Piovanelli summarized the day, along with M. Turturro, Alessandro Di Francesco (Epta’s Italian Director of After-sales) and G. Mariani: a day full of food for thought, with active participation from everyone present.

Safe travel back home!

The tight collaboration between EPTA Services and Mecoil Diagnosi Meccaniche strengthens predictive maintenance in refrigeration machines sector.
Meeting of technical sales staff in Florence, 5th October 2023.

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