New frontiers in Remote Diagnostics

Monitoil real-time surveils your machines’ condition

Mecoil Diagnosi Meccaniche s.r.l., with the partnership of several corporations, University of Florence, and under the sponsorhip of Regione Toscana has developed a prototype of remotely monitored machine, to be constantly “tutored” via numerous sensors or an on-line data collection system.

Data are transferred to a web platform, where decisions are automatically made on how and when is needed a corrective intervention either by human personnel or trough remotely assisted devices.

The O.M.T. (Online Machine Tutor) has been created as a response to increasing demand of assistance and corrective maintenance (only when necessary, on conditions’ based situation) in environments where these actions are difficult/expensive.

The outputs from the compressor (a small size unit, custom developed to be easily carried for demo purposes) are captured by several sensors (i.e. pressures, T°C, Vibrations…) and analyzed trough an expert system, that is capable to “remember” other failures and taking actions in order to correct them.