Mecoil took part in the annual “festa sull’aia” in the beautiful scenery of the CASCINA TORRE, organized with great attention to detail by Vipetrol. For many years, the company is a leader in service and assistance to the cogeneration industry.
Multiple fields of interest and application of new technologies by the Company localized in Mortara, who has chosen to focus on performance lubricant products to supply its customers.

Good practices (maintenance and lubrication) can not be separated from the control of the oil chimical-phisical conditions, their cleanliness etc. We are so honored and proud to have become part of an important project carried out by the technical staff of Vipetrol for predictive management of used lubricants operating in a lot of cogeneration plants distributed throughout the country.

The following images show the big event with over a thousand guests.

A memorable event with Vipetrol