24th November Villa Montalto will host a conference focused on the issues of maintenance, in the field of renewable energy.
The figure of the maintenance technician has always been very attentive to the problems of the environment in which it operates; the term “lean” has a special meaning for those who have a mission to help you waste less resources, energy, materials to better preserve the assets in full responsibility. The interventions planned in time, thanks to the diagnostic technology available, as well as technologic support, help people to combine effectiveness with efficiency. The result is a continuous improvement of the  “process in the business process” and a little impact on the production itself.
Along with Aiman ​​we identified a number of relevant topics, involving Top speakers, capable of making these reflections within the reach of us all. We look forward to see you on Tuesday 24th November  for a time of sharing of experiences from practical implications of considerable importance.

Event programme:


Renewable Energy and Maintenance