Vipetrol, along with Mecoil (partners in technical assistance to cogeneration engines fleets) will be present at Key Energy, the renewable energy exhibition part of the larger “Ecomondo” project, scheduled for November 3rd through 6th in Rimini.

It will be a great event, visited by numerous public and private visitors. Mecoil’s presence at the booth set up in partnership with Vipetrol and Castrol, is designed to assist clients to better understand the benefits of a “predictive action” of lubricants used in cogeneration engines.

Oil analysis as a “conditions’ monitoring” strategy for stationary engines is a key factor for traditional maintenance procedures improvement, allowing to save money and be “forward-looking” safely anticipating the most appropriate choices in terms of management, thereby avoiding panic situations that are possible consequences of ignoring the so-called weak signals.

From an environmental point of view, we trust that Mecoil’s contribution could further improve current procedures in the renewable energy field.

We look forward to meeting you at Key Energy – Pavilion D5 Booth N°033

An Eco-World of events is waiting for you in Rimini!