It’s been a great opportunity for Mecoil team to take the chance to spend few days together with Noria’s International Operations’ Manager, Austin O’ Kelley during his recent European tour.

Noria  and Mecoil have been tightly connected since year 2000, and even before that, when in 1990 Jim Fitch (at that time CEO of Diagnetics) met with Adriani during one of those important training session about Proactive maintenance, held at Tulsa/OK.

This short, but dynamic Italian tour has been duly organized in order to provide to a couple of top potential customers the basic guidelines of innovative LPD project:, as a milestone to proper lubrication’s procedures in industrial contest. Not to mention the introduction of Noria’s principles (proper marketing and training tools) to Mecoil team; mostly dedicated to the ones that in the past missed Reliable plant events.

We really appreciated Austin’s approach and capability to address such knowledge is this difficult field, where nothing should be managed, without proper skill ness. Many thanks for this unforgettable experience; we all wish the best to Austin, safe trip back home, hoping to see you soon. 

Ciao Austin!