“On the wings of the wind” …… or perhaps more prosaically with the various available public transport, the group responsible for the Engineering  maintenance of  ERG Renewables met at Mecoil for a day of “full immersion” on the best practices of lubrication.
The moment of “cultural and technical aggregation” is part of a project for lubrication procedures improvement and especially to the identification, by the technicians, of tools (logical and technical) for a more effective conditions’ monitoring.
In 10 (the most representative characters belonging to different geographical areas in which wind power is dominant, with different machines for over 1 MeW) participated in a proactive and dynamic to basic course to acquire some skills from “Lubrication Specialist.”
We thank all those present, hope that the lively debate  can leave a positive result in terms of skills and professionality.
Fair wind to all!

On the wings of the wind