From November 4th to 6th the annual Machinery Lubrication Conference & Exhibition took place in Houston (Tx), one of the most important maintenance world events. Three days’ training and high-level technical seminars began on Monday with some excellences of Noria Corporation: Bennett Fitch, Director of Product Development and LPD Services, Wes Cash, Director of Technical Services and Alejandro Meza, Senior Technical Consultant, together with Heinz Bloch, Consulting Engineer and Process Machinery Consulting. Since Tuesday the program has become even more packed with initiatives, all topics faced by maintenance technicians have been treated: how to approach to Maintenance Program Management, sampling procedures and devices in use, the right choice of analysis and diagnosis of results. As Mecoil, we talked about the U.C.V.D., vacuum jars able to make sampling easy and reliable, that fully satisfied our collaborators and customers. Why the U.C.V.D. are they the best choice? They’re represented by 5 adjectives: quick, easy, clean, sure, safe. Sometimes we need to be fast, high speed trains leave a very short time for collecting gearbox oil sample between consecutive travels. Other times sampling could be difficult because of unstable situation , for example luxury boats and in the open see no hidden troubles are admitted. Vacuum jars ensure cleanliness even sampling in cement mills or coal fired power plants. Sure for technicians and safe for environment. Numbers are clear, the use of U.C.V.D. has significantly increased the analysis performed in our laboratory over the past two / three years and the customers who have tried them are no longer willing to give it up. The exhibition area was also very lively, dynamic and full of interesting ideas: an appointment we won’t miss.

Mecoil talks about U.C.V.D. at Machinery Lubrication Conference & Exhibition in Houston, TX