UCVD the revolutionary sampling method developed by Mecoil

Sampling procedures are subject to a number of international standards, developed and refined over the years as a result of the demending requests made by the maintenance and Q.C. technicians.

The search for “root causes” of impending failures starting from used lubricating oil, has become a widely recognized reality shared by different parts, both civil (see ASTM, DIN / ISO ) and military fields (JOAP program by D.O.D. -U.S.A.).

Our long experience in the field of “Preventive Medicine” of critical assets (over 20 years of practice in this discipline) made us well aware as the weak link of the entire diagnostic process lies precisely at the stage of sampling.

Sampling in safety

The UCVD vessel was created to avoid most common mistakes, occurring during sampling approach. With oil analysis, results depend mostly by procedures related with sample collection. This is the most critical step in all the links of the chain relationship, necessary to perform the best possible tests. Independent surveys claim that the “sampling procedures” are responsible for more than 70% of the errors to whom oil analysis are related with.

The U.C.V.D. technology

The essential point of this system called “UCVD” (Ultra Clean Vacuum Device) lies in the fact that we have patented a bottle of appropriate volume inside which is housed the vacuum. The vacuum sucks the fluid to be sampled at the same time preventing foreign particles from the environment from falling inside of the bottle. The process requires to insert the proper sipping tube, while with fingertip, you have to switch the valve to let the oil flowing trough, until it stops.

Patented system

The new system U.C.V.D has been patented by Mecoil Diagnosi Meccaniche. Thanks to the UCVD Technology (Ultra Clean Vacuum Device) an extreme level of cleanliness is guaranteed. The results? Less stress and more operational security. No mess, no bags, pumps or syringes. Only one hand is necessary to hold the bottle. This part of the operation can be carried also without any supervision.

With the introduction of the new sampling system -in itself a simple idea- the life of those who work in contact with lubricants in operation, has become much easier. 

Technical Specifications

  • High density PETG
  • 50 and 100 ml capacity
  • 85°C maximum operation temperature
  • International Patent Pending PCT/IT2009/317
  • EU Patent 2.452.577
  • US Patent 8.973.448
  • Canadian Patent 2.767.965
  • Applicable to any viscosity range
  • Average Cleanliness qualification acc. to ISO 3722:
    • ISO 4406=11/9/4
    • NAS 1638=1;
    • using LaserNetFines C (ASTM D7596)

U.C.V.D. in action




The UCVD Sample filling time at different viscosities

ISO VG Time @40°C
cSt sec
22 3
32 5
46 7
68 10
100 15
150 22
220 33
320 48
460 69


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UCVD – Sampling Procedure