Power Generation

Power stations are one the most critical structures belonging to a network of plants that require constant monitoring of assets and lubricants condition.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy from wind, water, and biofuels is an increasingly popular trend. Predictive maintenance of these power plants carries specific problems, and used oil analysis for each application needs to be approached with particular attention.


Until about fifteen years ago, a reduction or multiplication gearbox was generally a robust machine, often oversized with a large oil sump.

On Road Transportation

Road transport is probably the industry that can benefit most from used oil analysis benefits regarding operating cost savings. Vehicles are very stressed through discontinuous and daily work, the quality of which is vastly variable and connected to several factors, including the driver's skill set.

Marine Engines and Transmissions

Marine propulsion is one of the most critical fields where a predictive maintenance approach may give the best results regarding R.O.I.

Aerial Transportation

Civil and military aviation have been the main drivers in developing many state-of-the-art oil analysis techniques.


Most hydraulic systems failures can be attributed to contamination, usually due to the ingression of environmental dust, moisture, and other exogenous substances.


Refrigeration plants are even more strategic in many modern industries (food processing, pharmaceutical, chemical plants) and services (hospitals, hotels, offices, and workshops).


Air or gas compressors are always strategic in all types of industrial activities.