The FerroCheck is a portable magnetometer offering accuracy and convenience for total ferrous measurement of in-service lubricating oils.

Features & Benefits

  • Accurate, Repeatable Total Ferrous Measurement
  • Highly repeatable (3 ppm or 3% of reading)
  • Large sensitivity range (0 – 10,000+ ppm)
  • Wide particle size range (nanometer – millimeter)
  • Fast, Simple and Convenient Results in 30 seconds Portable, lightweight and battery operated Easy-to-use instrument for non-lab personnel
  • Automated data storage and export FerroCheck results are highly reproducible
  • FerroCheck results are highly linear and accurate across a wide range of concentrations
  • Simple, rapid measurements in the field or laboratory
  • Field Test for large ferrous wear particles in rotating machinery. Use as a basic wear test for all asset types
  • Laboratory Repeatable measurements on a wide range of samples
  • Fast, simple procedure requires no sample preparation or solvents and provides results in seconds


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More information: http://www.spectrosci.com/product/ferrocheck/