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Sampling must be performed using non-contaminated disposable material. Water bottles, urine collection containers and other unsuitable bottles should be avoided, since they can invalidate the analysis results.


Contact us to receive the sampling material suitable for the type of analysis to be performed (the bottles are included in the cost of the service).

Check the sampling procedure manual


  • It is essential that the oil samples are uniquely identified: write at least the name of the machine and the date of sampling on the label attached on the bottle.
  • Avoid writing directly on the bottle. Oil spills may cancel the writing.
  • Make sure to close the bottle cap securely.

Flacone ID Id campione

  • Modulo dati Always remember to send the samples together with all the data necessary for their identification and acceptance, filling in our form ( form download).
  • The form must also include the data already written on the bottle label (machine name and sampling date) and contain a reference to your purchase order or to Mecoil’s quotation.

NB. Avoid sending sample data by email or separately from samples. Keep in mind that the correct execution of the analysis and the reliable evaluation of the results also depends on the quality of the data accompanying the samples!

  • BoxWipe the bottles externally from any oil spills.
  • Send the samples in a sturdy box, protecting them from side impacts with packaging material.
  • Insert the bottles into the box in a vertical position, with the sample orientation pointed out on the box.
  • Avoid shipping in envelopes: bottles may break if not adequately protected.


Mecoil ensures the acceptance on the day of delivery for samples received within 12:30. You can check the status of your samples by connecting to your reserved area on Completed analyzes and diagnoses, you will receive the Mecoil report in PDF format via e-mail.
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