When we started to plan the logistics of Aiman by-annual Conference about Sustainability and Maintenance due to the positive feed-back by GE top management, the Learning Center site was immediately selected as the “best location ever” where we could organize the event. A beautiful contest, right across the street from the historical Nuovo Pignone facility, where “customers’ talents” can meet together with up to date training opportunities. Many speakers joined the panel for the two days session of the Conference; the program is a portfolio of the most active entrepreneurs of Maintenance mission.

Many of the attendees belong to the same General Electric organization, in several different branches. The welcome has been addressed by M. Messeri the actual President of GE Oil & Gas after the introduction by Dr. Adriani, chairman of Mecoil and responsible for Aiman in our region. Ing. F. Santini introduced the key topics on Maintenance and the actual challenge in fast changing industrial world. All the papers were rich of technological contents and the level of interventions well above the expectancy; many focal points might require extra time to better discuss such topics, but the agenda was definitely very busy.

Light lunch (offered by Mecoil) has been carefully prepared by the Bachini & Bellini catering service, well accustomed to propose quality in food and beverages.

Several renowned guest alternated on the podium, taking advantage of the highly technological audiovisual structure, well powered by “back stage” support. Nothing that might affect the optimum results achieved.

This particular event has also been enriched by the intervention of Mr. Jim Fitch, C.E.O. of Noria Corporation (www.noria.com) the leading group in training and educational support for Maintenance and Lubrication strategies. Mr Fitch with his bride enjoyed few days of a Tuscan sightseeing, together with this official appointment to improve the knowledge of our traditions & culture.

After the conclusion of the first day’s works we moved downtown in the historical Palazzo Gualfonda, where, in partnership with the Florence division of Confindustria, represented by the Vice Director L. Ricci we have been offered a short speech by Jim Fitch about industrial scenarios in the world wide challenge. The organization and the buffet have been offered by Thomas editor (the appointed management for Manutenzione magazine, official Aiman’s publication) with all the Italian staff and the director, Cristian Son, that joined us on purpose for the meeting.

Connecting Knowledge
A.I.MAN. at GE Learning Center