Since few months Mecoil is the Noria Corp. Licensed Partner  for providing the Noria training services in Italy. To enforce this new partnership, Jim Fitch ( Noria CEO) came to visit the Mecoil headquarters.

After a “full immersion” tour in the Mecoil laboratory, several maintenance-related issues have been addressed. Moreover, the dates of the forthcoming training seminars in Italy, for obtaining the MLT-1 certification, have been scheduled. The Mecoil-patented SureSample bottle for in-service oil vacuum collecting has been included in the Noria Corporation international training program.

Mr. Fitch was very impressed by the Monitoil, fully developed by Mecoil, for on-line monitoring of critical machinery parameters, foreseeing a sale possibility even in the U.S. market.

The two days of meetings took place in conjunction with the XXIV AIMAN Congress, carried out at the GE Learning Center in Florence, an event in which both Dr. Adriani and Dr. Fitch held presentations regarding Lubrication Best Practices and On-line monitoring.

Noria Corporation visits Mecoil