Creating electric energy, together with heat or steam at customers’ site is the exciting challenge for Solar turbines’ turnkey systems. Dedicated turbomachinery suitable for small/medium size industrial facilities, where price for energy or unreliable distribution network is the clue, are the modern choices for fast growing industries.
These sophisticated, though robust, assets require an extra care for lubricating critical components. The year round, 24/24 running requests for average needs are by now switching to “spikes” requests and not steady outputs, to follow demands by volatile electric market. Running temperatures increasing together with new formulations are asking for adequate conditions’ monitoring strategies. Oil analysis is a vital part of such game.
Several technicians from many countries attended our “Turbo LCM” dedicated training session, beginning of September, with several topics, to cover the most of the issues related with lubricants’ management and machines’ predictive maintenance strategies.
We should say that the whole two days of seminar has been strongly appreciated by the attendants, including “extra” touristic sightseeing tour in downtown Firenze.

Turbo LCM – Advanced knowledge on lubrication and condition monitoring