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Mecoil Laboratory analyzes used lubricating oil samples from national and international industrial plants and applications.

The main target of used oil analysis is to seek out “weak signals” hidden in the fluid that tell technicians the asset’s condition to make the right choices to preserve equipment integrity and lifespan.

In the Mecoil Lab, used oil samples are analyzed for many parameters using several methods. Analysis results are transferred to an internal database and managed via a Mecoil-developed software system (“Permantenere”) that also allows a registered customer to check the results trend and compare samples, having in this way a sort of “tribological history” for each asset analyzed.

Some tests, such as Viscosity, Total Acid Number, or Karl Fischer, are well-known and have many applications in other petroleum analysis fields. Some other methods, such as RDE Spectrometry or Lasernet Fines, have been expressively designed for used oil analysis.

Thanks to this ability to “read” a dirty fluid that expresses the condition of its parent machinery, it is possible to know in a few seconds if a component within a given assembly has suffered any damage and its severity. The used oil sample is processed with no need for dilution, ensuring high repeatability of the results, which is essential for effective trend analysis. 

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Tailor-made analysis
InstrumentMecoil, using the best oil analysis instruments available on the market, can perform tailor-made analyses to evaluate the oil and machine conditions. The high automation of the laboratory process, with daily calibration and international collaborations, produce repeatable and reliable results. All of our processes are quality certified according to ISO 9001:2015
DiagnosiMecoil Laboratory provides the customer with a report containing a list of the used methods and ​​tailored limits for the specific type of machine, application, and lubricant. The analysis results are accompanied by an additional diagnosis report tailored with customized comments and maintenance technical suggestions by assigning a graphical icon and determining the warning level (OK, Monitor, Warning, Alert), which is helpful for quickly identifying the most critical situations.
On-line, quick and reliable
Pulsante WebLabThe reports, entirely managed through our web-based platform Permantenere, are directly sent to the customer in PDF electronic format by e-mail and published on the dedicated page, with a turnaround time of fewer than 3 days (from receipt of the sample). Mecoil technicians are always available for questions and technical support concerning the analysis.