In accordance with European standards for Quality management systems, Mecoil Diagnosi Meccaniche Srl is holder of the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certificate with the following application field:

Execution of chemical-physical analysis and diagnostics on industrial oils for predictive maintenance”.

Mecoil got its first quality certification in 1997, according to ISO 9003:1994; since then, Mecoil is committed to implementing and maintaining a state-of-the-art Quality Management System.

With this in mind, our main goal is the total customer satisfaction, and that is why for 25 years we are have been monitoring our processes, taking corrective and preventive actions during all steps of our activities, with the aim to continuously improve our quality standards.

Recently, we have decided to formalize our commitment for a Sustainable Development of the Planet, with Mecoil fully integrated and interconnected toward this goal of shared well-being

Mecoil is currently the only Italian laboratory participating in the International ASTM In-Service Oil Monitoring correlation program.

Mecoil and the environment

Mecoil is first in line for the protection of the environment, both at global level with strategic interventions, and at local level with specific interventions to safeguard our surrounding habitat.

We have to take into account that our Core Business is based on prevention of mechanical failures, and therefore on the protection of assets integrity: immediate consequence is the reduction of wastes coming from the activities of replacement of damaged components, and an easier management of their disposal.

The second area where we commit for environment safeguard, is the life extension of charges of oil, well beyond the usual planned maintenance limits, thanks to the analysis we perform that allow the deployment of their entire life. In this way, unnecessary stops of production cycle are avoided, and the functional integrity of the lube oil is preserved through maintenance best practises.

The third area of commitment is the minimization of environment impact in the activities of taking and following analysis of lube oil samples: from the patent and commercialization of a special vacuum bottle preventing possible spills, to the use of absolute minimum quantities (including experimentation of innovative test techniques) to reduce the disposal of oil and solvents, up to the rigorous management of the wastes allowing their correct disposal

And above all, in the company daily life, the continuous attention from all of us to reduce the use of not reusable plastics, to optimize the use of power and water resources, to limit the environmental impact of any choice we take.


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